Jointek Wine Cellar & Logistic

Warehousing 倉儲服務

The Warehouse 駿德國際物流倉庫

We have accurate inventory management backed up by an advanced warehouse management system (WMS) allowing quick and efficient inventory processing at either case or bottle level.


 Newly built and modern designed warehouse with climate-controlled environment, plus high secured warehouse access control system with 24 hours CCTV security alarm system as well as 60 days digital record back up, help monitor and protect the warehouse against unauthorized access in order to ensure safety and take good care of your wines.



   Warehouse Facilities 倉庫設施

A. 24 hours temperature (~ 20°C) and humidity (>60%) 24小時溫度(〜20℃)和濕度(> 60%)

B. Warehouse area over 50,000sq.ft. 倉庫面積50,000平方英尺以上

​C. Ambient warehouse 17,000sq.ft.  乾貨倉儲 17,000sq​.ft.

D. Wine receiving area and cool down area to ensure that the wine is in constant temperature after transportation from other places.    葡萄酒接收區和冷卻區用以確保葡萄酒從其他地方運抵後仍能保持恆溫。

E . Capable for 2,000 pallet positions / 80,000 wooden cases 可處置2,000個板托盤位 / 80,000個木箱

F. 122 pallet racks and over 40 shelving bays 122個板托盤架和40個擱置板位

G. Using electric reach trucks 使用電動伸縮卡車

H. 3 cargo lifts with two container loading bays  3部貨物升降機與兩個集裝箱裝卸車泊位




Distribution 配送服務

We are using a reliable, well maintained trucking fleet which has temperature controlled lorries to provide services in domestic delivery to shop/office/home and other locations in Hong Kong. We also can perform daily retail outlet replenishment, same day or urgent order delivery requests to our valuable customers.



Logistic Services 物流服務

We provide comprehensive services on import/export documentation handling, customs clearance, competitive freight rates and charges to our valuable customers.


Handling of all your transportation and logistics needs like local haulage and container loading/unloading, arrangement of containers/cargoes into and from China/overseas countries to Hong Kong.


We place high priority on performance standards on accuracy, on-time delivery of all cargoes as well as safe logistics operations.





Warehouse Management System 倉庫管理系統

We are using internet platform to access our advanced logistics management system, which is specifically designed for wine logistics companies to manage daily operations.



Through handy reports  通過便捷報告 :


- Real time inventory monitoring 實時庫存監控

- Accurate and reliable stock information 準確可靠庫存信息

- Prospect warehouse activities 監察倉庫活動

- On-line inventory enquiry 在線庫存查詢

- Real time reports 實時報告





Value Added Services 增值服務

We provide our valuable customers with value added services to meet their business requirements.


- Gift box packing 禮品盒包裝

- Wine bottle relabeling 葡萄酒瓶重新貼標籤

- Carton box labeling or stamping 紙箱貼標籤或蓋印

- Other services 其他服務


Tasting Room 品酒室

For the enjoyment of your wines in perfect condition, our tasting room is ready for your reservation.






如有任何儲酒服務的問題請Whatsapp Jacky 6080 0990 或 Email:

If you have any question about wine storage, Please feel free to contact Jacky, Whatsapp 6080 0990 or Email: